The Gardens & Display Greenhouse

The Allée

When the Kingwood estate was under construction in 1926, a vista leading north from the mansion was cut through the woods. Known as the Allée, this vista offers incredible views of both Kingwood Hall and the Garden Gateway, and hosts beautiful seasonal displays and a gorgeous canopy of trees.

Display Greenhouse

The Display Greenhouse is made up of individual houses committed to tropicals, succulents, bromeliads, and seasonal arrangements. It is also home to our production houses where thousands of annuals are raised yearly for our outdoor displays.

Perennial Garden

Installed in Spring 2020, the new Perennial Garden begins with a Cypress Garden followed by an English-styled Rainbow Garden and pavilion, and then leads to a stylized meadow.

The Perennial Garden begins in soggy ground under the boardwalk around a pair of bald cypress trees. This area is home to a daylighted stream and many moisture-loving plant varieties.

Next, enjoy the beautifully blended colors and textures in the Rainbow Garden, with a design inspired by the late English gardener and writer, Rosemary Verey.

At the southern reaches of the Perennial Garden is the idealized meadow featuring perennials from all over the world. The design was inspired by Dutch nurseryman and designer, Piet Oudolf and brought to life at Kingwood by his protégé, Austin Eischeid.

Mr. King’s Formal Gardens

These gardens were designed at the same time as Kingwood Hall in 1926 and were the only gardens specifically created during Mr. King’s time. At one time, this area was home to a swimming pool.

Mr King’s Formal Gardens features several distinct areas including the Circle Pool, the Sunken Garden, and the Trellis Garden. Also featured are three original statues sculpted by Anton Vozech: Pan the Piper, the Lady of Gaillardia, and Satyr

Terrace Garden

Along the Terrace Garden’s brick paths, you’ll find seasonal plantings in addition to flowering trees, shrubs, and perennials. This area is perfect for relaxing on a park bench and enjoying the beautiful views and the sounds of the gardens. The central fountain is a favorite of children and guests of all ages.

Woodland Garden

As you might guess, the woodland garden is on the edge of our woods. In this area, you’ll find a tranquil and whimsical home for a wide assortment of shade-tolerant plants. It is a quiet place to relax and enjoy a shady garden.

Herb, Rose, and Trial Gardens

The Herb Garden celebrates all varieties of herbs from culinary to medicinal. Inspiration for your garden or a nice moment of relaxation is sure to be found in this tranquil garden.

The Rose Garden highlights pest and disease resistant varieties complimented by woody shrubs, perennials, and annuals. While many traditional rose gardens features only roses, this area offers additional ways to integrate them in the garden.  

Our Trial Gardens allow horticulture staff the opportunity to evaluate plant effectiveness and experiment with display design. Plants are assessed individually and also in combinations prior to installation in permanent garden displays. As an All-America Selections (AAS) Display Garden, you’ll also see us feature AAS winners – flowers and vegetables that have been “Tested Nationally & Proven Locally.™”