Children’s Programs

Summer Camps at Kingwood

Join us in the summer for our engaging, nature-based educational camp!

Kingwood has taken its popular summer camp program, Cultivation Education, and expanded it into a new Kingwood Kids Summer Camp opportunity!

Scheduled Tuesday – Friday each week in June from 10:30am-12:30pm, children entering 1st – 4th grades explore natural connections through engaging activities in both the classroom and outdoor gardens featuring different environmental themes.

Support for this program provided by a grant from the Richland County Foundation

Kingwood Kids Summer Camp is sold out for 2024!

Storytime Series

Wednesdays at 11AM, April through September

Join us for our Storytime Series! Every week, a Kingwood staff member or volunteer will read an engaging children’s story. This program is geared towards children 6 and under, but all kids are welcome.

Free with admission. Registration encouraged, not required.

The Peacock Playhouse: The Kingwood Sensory Center

At the Peacock Playhouse, children and their families can explore nature through many different activities. There are books you can read, garden games to play, and masterpieces to create. You can even take a rest on your Kingwood journey and watch birds and hummingbirds through the large windows of the center. 

The Peacock Playhouse is designed for self-exploration and is periodically monitored by staff throughout the day.

The Peacock Playhouse was originally the Gate House and home to the chauffeur’s office and garage space during Mr. King’s time.

The Peacock Playhouse is open February through October.

The 2022 Peacock Playhouse Impact Project was generously funded by The Shelby Foundation.

The Storybook Trail

Located near the Peacock Playhouse, this literacy adventure can be enjoyed by all ages! Take a stroll through a woodland path while discovering First Notes of Spring written by Jessica Kulekjian and illustrated by Jennifer Bower.

A springtime symphony awakens the forest from its winter slumber in this musical celebration of the season.  

Many thanks to our project partner, Mansfield-Richland County Public Library, and to the Keyser Library Fund and the George and Barbara Keyser D A Fund of Richland County Foundation who funded the establishment of the Storybook Trail. 

The 2022 Porous Pave project improved the Storybook Trail with the addition of ADA-accessible and stroll-friendly paving. This project was generously funded by The Shelby Foundation.

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