2025 Call for Artists

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Summer, 2025

Kingwood Center Gardens invites artists to submit proposals for outdoor sculptural works of art to be
considered for a temporary summer exhibition at the estate in 2025, Metamorphose:

Change. It is a constant in the universe. The potential for things to develop, to renew is one of the many
marvels of the world. All can wonder at the transformation of the butterfly or at clever adaptation to
life’s many challenges. Nature innovates and Kingwood Center Gardens celebrates this theme with a new
temporary exhibit in 2025. Original art installations from local and regional artists will celebrate
Kingwood’s own ongoing metamorphosis and that of nature.


Local and regional artists are invited to submit proposals of existing and new outdoor sculptural works of art for
consideration. This temporary exhibition will be on display in the outdoor gardens at Kingwood Center Gardens
from Saturday, May 17 through Sunday, September 15, 2025.

The objectives of the temporary exhibition include:

  • Enhance the guest experience for seasonal visitors of Kingwood Center Gardens.
  • Showcase local and regional artists’ nature-inspired artwork with the theme, Metamorphose.
  • Feature 10-15 pieces of sculptural artwork in an outdoor, welcoming environment that inspires guests’
    connections to the natural world.

ll sculptures must be original artwork, able to be self-standing and durable to withstand all types of Ohio
weather conditions.


The Call for Artists is open to all artists and artist teams. Applicants must meet the following requirements for

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Artwork must be original artwork, able to be self-standing in an unsupervised, natural environment, and
    structurally sound to withstand all types of Ohio weather conditions without any additional
  • Artwork must be appropriate for all ages, including family and summer camp audiences.
  • Artwork must be fabricated to not present any danger to the public or environment. This includes not
    using hazardous chemicals or treatments, rough or sharp surfaces, or loose components that may break
  • Concrete pads are not available for anchoring. Artwork must rest on garden surfaces including grass,
    pavement or mulched areas. Anchor stakes may be used in prior consultation with the Horticulture
    Department at Kingwood.
  • It is recommended that selected artists carry insurance for theft or damage during installation, durationof exhibition and de-installation (may possibly be included in homeowners insurance policies). Proof ofinsurance may be requested at time of acceptance.


Submissions will be evaluated using these guidelines. However, sculptures may not be chosen simply because
they meet these listed criteria:

  • Artist’s original sculptural interpretation of the exhibition theme, Metamorphose.
  • Artistic and creative excellence – imaginative quality and originality, and technically proficient use
    of materials.
  • Engaging and stimulating artistry that may be appreciated by public audiences.
  • Physical requirement, spatial capacity and compatibility for display in the outdoor gardens.
  • Structural integrity of the proposed sculpture that will endure the length of the exhibit display.
  • Educational and professional background of the artist including experience to execute the proposal
    submission if accepted.


No proposal submission fee is required, however artists must include the following information:

  1. Artist Information – name, address, phone number, email address, website (if applicable). If an artist
    team is submitting a proposal, please include team name as well as name of main contact for the group.
  2. Artist Statement – 500 word limit.
  3. Statement of Interest – 500 word limit. Explain the reason for interest in exhibiting artwork at
    Kingwood, and how the proposed artwork represents or interprets the theme, Metamorphose.
  4. Artist Resume
  5. Work Samples – List and images of any recent artwork(s) with title, materials used in fabrication,
    location and timeframe of exhibit display. (Any images should be JPEG or PNG formats, no larger than
    5MB) Samples of outdoor artwork preferred.
  6. Proposed Artwork details (including images, sketches or renderings) and installation requirements.
    o Title
    o Materials used in fabrication
    o Weight
    o Dimensions (LxWxH)
    o Image or rendering of sculpture that includes a person (or scale figure of 6’) to better evaluate
    size and scope of piece. (Any images should be JPEG or PNG formats, no larger than 5MB)
    o Installation requirements of how it may be moved, secured or anchored on site, etc.
    o If artwork is for sale, list artwork purchase price for promotions. (Kingwood Center Gardens
    processes sales through the Garden & Gift Shop and receives 40% commission.)


By Mail or in Person:

Kingwood Center Gardens
Attention: Call for Artists
50 North Trimble Rd.
Mansfield, OH 44906

By Email: education@kingwoodcenter.org

Proposal submissions due August 1, 2024.


Artists must specify any specific installation requirements in advance. Equipment may or may not be available to
assist with installation. Specific dates during installation and de-installation weeks will be arranged with each
selected artist, and Kingwood Center Gardens staff will assist artists in selected outdoor exhibit areas with
designated equipment including dollies, forklift, and carts if available.

If installation or de-installation equipment is required beyond the availability of Kingwood Center Gardens
equipment, a specific date will be arranged and the artist will assume sole financial responsibility of any expense
of equipment rental fees associated with the additional equipment.

Kingwood Center Gardens will provide signage, promotional materials, marketing and artist opening reception.


  • Consultation meetings may be requested and will be scheduled in advance during June and July, 2024
    to view possible site selection options for inspiration and sculptural piece submissions.
  • Proposal submissions due August 1, 2024.
  • Accepted proposals announced October 1, 2024.
  • Sculpture development and fabrication by artist takes place November 2024 through April 2025.
  • Installation takes place week of May 12, 2025.
  • Exhibition opens Saturday, May 17, 2025 and concludes Sunday, September 15, 2025.
  • De-installation takes place week of September 16, 2025.


Accepted artists will receive a stipend of $1000 for exhibiting one piece during the temporary exhibition. (If an
artist team is accepted, one stipend of $1000 will be provided to be shared.) No other compensation or fees will
be provided for artist expenses related to design, fabrication, insurance, transportation, installation or de-installation.

Accepted artists may have their sculptural piece available for sale. Kingwood Center Gardens processes sales
through the Garden & Gift Shop and receives 40% commission. Artist will be required to submit a completed W9
and artist consignment form prior to receiving funds. The artist will receive a 1099 for the tax year paid,
however it is the responsibility of the artist to report sales and remit any additional sales or associated taxes.

Sculptures must remain on display at Kingwood Center Gardens through the duration of the temporary
exhibition period. At the conclusion of the exhibition period, it is the responsibility of the artist and purchaser to
transport any sold pieces off Kingwood property after de-installation.


Accepted artists will be required to sign additional documentation identifying acceptance of stipend award and
areas of consent including but not limited to:

  • The parties agree the artist is acting as an independent contractor, not an employee of Kingwood Center
    Gardens (KCG) and nothing in the agreement shall create an employee / employer relationship.
  • Kingwood Center Gardens agrees to promote temporary exhibit and artists in available print and online
    marketing materials in addition to executing retail functions to collect potential art sales.
  • The artist acknowledges that photographs or video/audio recordings of the scheduled events and exhibition
    may be made by or on behalf of KCG and hereby agrees to the reasonable photographing or recording and
    the use thereof by KCG for program, archival and promotional purposes only.
  • Artist agrees to follow all policies and direction of Kingwood Center Gardens. KCG reserves the right to
    remove any artist, instructor, vendor, or contractor for violation of any rule or whose conduct is
    considered to be disruptive without providing payment or refunding any and all fees.
  • Artist agrees to assume all risks, loss, damage, or injury to merchandise and/or representatives and
    indemnify, protect, defend and hold harmless Kingwood Center Gardens and its directors, employees
    and agents, from and against all claims, losses, liabilities, injuries, damages, judgments and expenses
    arising out of or resulting from any negligence, misconduct or breach of this agreement by the
    undersigned, its agents or employees in connection with the activities contemplated by the agreement.
  • If the activity, program, exhibit or parts thereof are prevented, rendered impossible or unfeasible by any act
    or regulation, or by any public authority or bureau, civil tumult, strike, physical disability, death, full or
    partial destruction of the performance venue, war conditions or emergencies, interruption of an essential
    public service, or any similar or dissimilar cause beyond the control of the parties, it is understood and
    agreed that there shall be no claim for damages by either party to the agreement, and their obligations
    herein shall be deemed waived.