Harness the power of design by fostering landscapes that mimic ecosystem patterns. Implementing these design principles contributes to a more diverse, balanced and bountiful garden. Kingwood’s Executive Director, Josh Steffen, will introduce the concepts of intentional plant communities and how these design approaches differ from traditional garden design.

Keynote Speaker: Austin Eischeid

Creating a Four-Season Garden – Learn how to create your own dynamic, four-season garden from the designer of the Meadow Garden area of Kingwood’s Perennial Garden, Austin Eischeid of Austin Eischeid Garden Design. By using the right combination of plants, gardeners can reduce watering and weeding as well as attract a wide variety of birds and other pollinators. Explore how planting long-lived perennials and grasses, adding spring bulbs, leaving seed heads standing, and designing with fall and winter interest can transform your garden.

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Speaker Series: Companion Plant Talk

Ever heard of companion planting? Discover how to combine annuals and perennials for better plant growth and natural pest management.

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Join us for an evening of discussion on how to handle, care for, and eventually pass on your family treasures. Holly Witchey, ICA-Art Conservation’s Director of Education & Outreach, will host a pop-up museum and deliver a presentation on the care and handling of family treasures.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a small object, photograph, document, or item that is meaningful to exhibit in a “Pop-Up Museum” of family treasures.

*This program is open to RichHistory member organizations and Kingwood Center Gardens members*

RichHistory member organizations: Free registration for your party of up to five members; please register through your organization rep.

Kingwood members-Sign up through the link below, in-person at our Welcome Desk, or over the phone at: (419)522-0211.


Co-sponsored with Rich History Alliance and hosted at Kingwood Center Gardens