Outdoor Ceremonies



The centerpiece to any wedding is the bride's dramatic procession to her waiting groom, and the long, grassy Allee makes this an unforgettable walk. The Allee is framed by lush beds of flowers and overflowing hanging baskets. Capacity: 250

Allee       Allee  

Courtyard Complex

The focal point of every wedding is obviously the bride and groom, and this venue provides an impressive backdrop. The large, black, double doors at the end of our courtyard is quickly becoming a popular choice. A ceremony here can easily lead straight into the reception in the same location. Capacity: 120-250

Gazebo Garden

Flowering vines climb the Gazebo, and billowing flowers and foliage overflow the surrounding beds. Rippling down the center of this garden is a rill, a narrow water feature. This secluded haven is a fairy-tale setting for your special day. Capacity: 100


Indoor Ceremonies

Assembly Room -- Carriage House -- Exhibit Hall

wedding party jumping

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