collectionsTo the left is a small portion of the bearded iris collection, a conspicuous source of late spring color and a demonstration of one of the most popular perennials grown in the region.

collectionsOn the right is the Siberian iris collection which features tetraploids by breeders such as Tamberg, Hollingworth, and McEwen. Its a small collection, but it demonstrates some excellent selections and a brief summary of the range of colors and forms available. Many garden center offerings among Siberian iris are inferior. We recommend all the varieties in our collection.

collectionsTo the left is an image of some of our daylilies, by far our biggest collection. Cared for by our long time employee and prominent daylily hybridizer in his own right, Charles Applegate. Charles makes sure that our collection is full of recent and noteworthy selections. You may be overwhelmed.

collectionsOn the right is our rose garden including a variety of selections such as some of the newer low maintenance varieties, Buck hybrids, and many industry standards.