Wedding Receptions

Carriage House

The newly-renovated Carriage House offers a full catering kitchen, state of the art A/V system, and a private patio garden. Open all five carriage doors for a beautiful, indoor/outdoor venue.

Exhibit Hall

Combining outside beauty with the inside comfort, the Exhibit Hall is a versatile venue. One side opens onto a lovely bricked courtyard and the other looks onto the cascading rose garden.














Courtyard Complex

The Courtyard is a beautifully bricked area surrounded by historic buildings. This venue features the convenience of both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Courtyard is surrounded by raised beds and containers filled with gorgeous seasonal displays. Extending from the courtyard is the newly renovated Carriage House and the Exhibit Hall with its spectacular view of the rose garden. Includes: Courtyard, Exhibit Hall, and Carriage House.

South Lawn

A stone terrace borders Kingwood Hall with two curved majestic stairways leading to the grand lush lawn, providing a beautiful backdrop to wedding receptions. This picturesque location was often used by Mr. King to entertain his guests during summer garden parties. Couples may choose to hold festivities under an event tent or celebrate under the stars.



Please contact Katie Detsch, Kingwood's Venue Coordinator,
if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.



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