Richard and Helen Taylor

Robert and Sandra Baxter
John & Mimi Fernyak
Joseph and Edith Humphrey
Dan and Sue Phallen
Nancy Porter
Brad and Betty Preston
Tom and Lola Riester

James and Andrea Arnholt
Eric and Charma Behnke
Kenneth Bishop
Duffy and Carolyn Carto
Bruce and Geneva Cummins
Glenn and Mary Darling
Bruce and Leigh Downs
Leonard and Mary Ann Free
Daryl and Valerie Gates
James and Mary Jo Hull
William and Kathleen Hurdle
Olive Miller
Richard and Barbara Poffenbaugh
Ludi and Debbie Schenk
Rick and Carol Taylor
Mark and Louise Taylor

Harrell and Erleen Gillis
Norman Haywood and Barbara Cochran
Ruth Hooks
Don and Ginny Miller
Richard and Cindy Nichols
Allen Sanford
Dan and Shelley Seckel
John and Sondra Siegenthaler
Bob and Peg Soulen
Bill and Judy Stiteler
Stella Sutter
Ann von Saas

Ron Abrams and Billie Brandon
Brian and Pat Adair
Charles Adair
Dick and Joyce Adair
Lucy Amsbaugh
Roy and Sandy Anderson
Pamela Ashbrook
Dennis and Ruth Atkeson
Brenda and Jeff Bandy
Robert and Diann Barnett
Douglas and Mardy Beilstein
Kenneth and Sherry Berger
Greg and Annie Bibler
Dianne Bistline
Douglas and Jane Black
Joel and Margaret Black
Glen and Susan Blackford
Miriam Blake
Susie Boals
Marcel and Barbara Bovet
Ralph and Vicki Bright
James and Beverly Brook
Ken and Karen Brott
Denise Brown
Ben and Angela Brown
Stewart Brumenshenkel and Bonnie Hawley
John and Mary Burk
Jon and Christine Burton
Douglas and Elizabeth Castle
Barbara Chaffins
Jonathan and Linda Chambers
Michael and Carol Chambers
Clare Clemens
Donald Cole
Jayne Conley
Ronald and Nancy Cover
Tom and Leslie Croyle
Claudia Cummins
Koke and Cheryl Cummins
Steve Cummins and Karen Redfearn
Barbara Cunning
Donna Daniel
Suzanne and Saurabh Das
Denny and Polly Davis
Cheryl Depler
Jim and Cyndde DeWeese
Thomas and Deborah Dubois
David and Melinda Eliot
Judy Emmons
Bob and Lori Everett
Andy and Lynn Fahmy
Jonathan and Erin Fain
Bob and Brenda Fawcett
Bill and Jennie Finik
George and Betty Finlayson
George and Jane Frank
George and Ann Franklin
Gary and Sandra Freeman
Steve and Clara Freer
Melinda Garrett
Charles and Anna Gleaves
Cathy and Paul Goldman
Donald and Sandra Grady
Gayle and Rich Green
Raymond Greenbank
Carrol Gregg
Eric and Sharon Grimes
Doris Gyenes
Dieter and Sieglinde Hahn
Lynn Haren
Helen Haren
Arnold and Gunda Haring
Gene and Kit Hart
John and Terry Heringhaus
Ed and Dot Herman
Nancy and Arlan Hess
Paula and George Hess
Jim and Sherry Hofacre
Dale and Fran Houghtlen
Bryan Howard
Kyle Hull
Matt and Tabitha Hull
Bob and Willie Hunn
Barbara Huston
Marie Jackson
Ronald and Judith Jaques
Brian and Kay Jewett
Gordon Jones
Wes and Karen Kelley
Betty Keppler
Ronald and Margaret King
William and Sandra Kinstle
Don and Gail Klise
Jim and Jean Kulig
Linda Lang
Ruskin Lawyer
Sally Lichtenstein
Charlotte and Gerhard Linner
Sandra Macpherson
Justin and Lynn Marotta
Mary Martin
Jim Mayer
Winfield and Jayne Meek
Gunther and Jeanne Meisse
Marianna Miefert
Eric and Debby Miller
Miranda and Fred Moritz
Robert and Joyce Morton
Rockie and Susan Mosier
Larry and Dottie Mowry
Cynthia Mudra
Mike and Stephanie Mulherin
Patrick and Jana Mulherin
John Mumaw and Jennifer Hurst
Jack and Donna Murray
Carol O'Mara
Richard Otto and Linda Hering
Tom and Michelle Pappas
Jeff and Janice Paynowski
Richard Pfeifer
Ed and Deb Pickens
John Quackenbush and Marie Burr
Jean Quinn
Ken and Linda Rachel
Janis Ransom
Dennis and Margaret Ransom
Carol Reece
Rod and Lydia Reid
Pat Reindl
John and Mary Riedl
Meg and Nick Rietschlin
John and Hillary Rinehardt
Frederick Roberts
Peter and Susan Roberts
Richard and Angie Rorick
Tom and Joan Ross
Barbara Rosser
Mark and Kathy Ruffner
Gaye Rule
Larry and Mary Rush
James Saltzgiver
Ken and Marge Santelmann
Russ and Judi Saurers
Ted and Heidi Sazdanoff
Bob and Jodi Schraedly
Dick and Lynn Seibert
Willard and Cynthia Shaffer
Dr. and Mrs. David Shook
Tom and Pam Siegenthaler
Yveetes Simpson
Fran Sites
Donald and Carolyn Snider
John and Barbara Sommerfelt
William and Helen Spatz
Bob and Nancy Stauffer
Julie W Tackett
Carl and Madeline Taddeo
Lucille Teeter
Joann Ulichney
John and Judy Vannatta
Carroll and Marilyn Varney
Greg and Susan Vigesaa
Wes and Sandra Volz
Pat Wells
Jack and Fran Welsh
Ronda Werner Vondriska
Iris Wertz
Brian and Christy White
Mary Wildermuth
Marion Wisdom
Robert and Traci Wolfe
Stan and Ellie Wood
William and Sally Wyatt

Nancy Ahrens
Elena Aiyad
Lee and Bonnie Allen
Jamie and Mike Amsbaugh
Patrice and Dane Anderson
James Anderson
Holly Anschutz
Raymond and Virginia Applegate
Rebecca Arnold
Sheri and Park Arter
Cody and Sara Ash
Sandy and Charles Ashley
Wayne and Elizabeth Au
Erica and Jeff Bache
Kelly and Sydney Bachtel
Jamie Back and Ruth Wachtel
Joe and Mary Anne Badamy
Helen Bailey
Richard and Juli Baker
Jim and Lyn Baker
Lyle and JoAnn Baker
Scott and Carianne Baltzell
Al and Mary Bandman
Jeffery and Melanie Barbe
David and Barbara Barnes
Edward and Janice Barr
Robert and Louise Barrett
Richard and Lois Bartelheim
Chad and Joanna Bartlett
Karen and Nicole Basista
James and Joanne Baumgartner
Doris Beale
Rindi and Darci Beer
Bobbi Bell
James and Maria Bell
Wayne and Pat Bell
JJ and Vanessa Bell
Jon and Melissa Bell
Judy and Loyal Bemiller
George and Anna Benedikt
Stephanie and Devon Benson
Karen Bierly
Larry and Janet Bixler
Vin and Jo Black
Dennis Blake and Margaret Minick-Blake
Irene Blaszkowiak
Miriam and Ed Blazewick
Robert V. Bogantz Jr. and Rick L. Risner
Sarah Boliantz and Illya Boronka
James Bolin
Matt and Rebecca Bolin
Fred and Ellen Boll
Terry Bonace
Richard and Judy Bond
Brad and Eva Booth
Candy and Herb Bores
Becky and Andrew Bottorf
Richard and Rachel Bower
Amberly and Preston Boyd
Shirley Brauen
Gene Brazie
Becky and Estill Breeze
Dick and Bonnie Brenneman
Robert and Candace Brenner
John and Rebecca Brewster
Annie and Jennie Briley
Debbi and Michael Broderick
Al Brown
Charlie and Carol Brown
Elizabeth and Evan Brown
Jack and Karen Brumenschenkel
Christina Bruun-Horrigan and Kevin Horrigan
Cynthia and Charles Buckland
Claire Burke
Elvin and Linda Burnell
Harlan and Kathleen Burns
Mike and Missy Burns
Michael and Madison Bush
Betty and Rick Campbell
Don and Judy Campbell
Judith Canfield
Sharon and David Cardwell
Si and Jane Carmean
Richard and Ruth Casey
Judith Castle and Gary Mion
Dean and Loreen Cather
Doug and Ruth Cellar
Jake Chamberlain
Nathaniel and Danielle Chance
Shilpa and Ajay Chawla
Anna Christiansen
Scott and Claudia Cisar
Matthew Clark
David and Herta Claypool
Susan and Robert Cleckner
Michael and Karla Cline
Julia Cochran
Teresa and William Coleman
Nik Coleman and Mick Pawuk
Mary and Bernie Collet
Dutch and Helen Collins
Sandra Collins
Jane and Hugh Conlon
Betty Connolly
Anna and Jeff Cook
James and Elaine Cook
Clyde and Arlene Cooper
Dave and Gail Coppock
Terry and Cheryl Corney
Margaret Couch
John and Kathryn Coy
Steve and Karen Crane
David and Julia Crawford
Alan Crooks
Ruth and Boo Cropper
Herbert and Paula Crum
Jesse and Cari Crumlick
Tom and Marilyn Culp
Richard and Nancie Cummins
Carl Cunfer
Rick and Mary Cunningham
James and Joyce Curry
Dave and Kris Damron
Elizabeth and DJ Daniels
Julie Ann Daubenspeck
David and Jennifer Daugherty
Rodger Daugherty and Jeanne Wirschke
John and Phyllis Davis
Joanne Dawson
Donald and Eleanor DeBaltzo
Emily and Jonathan Dech
Viola Deems
Marcella Derrenberger
Stephen and Bailey DeWitt
Doug and Regina Dillon
William and Dixie Dowd
William and Anne Downs
David and Alice Draper
Thomas and Letitia Dubusky
Jackie and Tony Duncan
Rebecca and Christopher Earhart
Pat Edwards
Michael Elies and Marsha Sawyer
Bill and Janet Ellsworth
Rosemarie and Charles Elrod
David and Gretchen Emery
Ron and Loretta Ernsberger
Dave Erwin and Jean Huffman-Erwin
William and Janet Estepp
David and Elisabeth Etzel
Greg and Heidi Eyster
Steve and Rebecca Fast
Lynn and Steven Faulkner
Joshua Fietz
Mary and Tim Fike
Don and Mary Fisher
Susan Fisher
Ruth Fishter
Dave and Pamela Fleming
James and Jacqueline Foley
Dean and Judy Frank
Dale and Megan Fuller
John and Kathie Fuson
Randy and Abby Garretson
Gerry and Jan Garver
Selma Geib
Richard and Connie Geog
Irene George
Rick and Ellen Gerich
Nick and Sally Gesouras
Larry and Judy Gibson
Darcie Gilbert
Carol and Tom Gillum
Doreen Givens
Paula and Kenneth Glover
Carol and James Gnagy
James and Sharon Gnagy
David and Stacie Godfrey
Cheryl Gordon
David and Rita Gordon
David and Eleanor Gray
Jim Gray and Linda Linn
Samantha and Larry Gregg
William and Sara Grenus
Thomas and Ingrid Griffiths
Tina and David Griffon
Drew Grogoza and Donya Sutter
Bonnie and Rob Gross
Harland and Joan Groves
William and Janet Grubaugh
Martha Gundrum
JoAnn and John Gutai
Mark and Claire Haddock
Eleanor Haering
Kaye Hahn
Nancy Hall
Percy and Nancy Hall
Craig and Cheryl Hamm
Wayne and Mavis Hammond
Jan and Rap Hankins
Kathleen Hardman
Ken and Ellen Haring
Larry and Joan Harter
David and Sarah Hawthorne
Margaret and Ernie Hazlett
Hannah and Joel Headley
Haley Hebert and Derrick Myers
Rick and Judith Heckert
Maci Hedeen
Doug and Stephanie Heestand
Charlene and John Heiser
Karen Henry
Dick and Cathy Henry
Jim Herbert
Carol and Mark Herbert
Bill and Janet Herdman
Dan and Mary Lou Herrold
Randall and Rebecca Hieber
Roland and Bonnie Hildebrand
Bryce and Sieda Hill
Christopher and Melissa Hoff
Edward and Rebecca Hoffmann
Wayne and Kitty Hohenberger
Rose and Frances Holecek
Del and Claire Holloway
Ed and Dianne Holmes
Sarah and Jeff Holt
Richard and Alice Hoover
Todd and Monica Hoovler
Mary Anne Housel
Bethany and Matthew Howe
Charles and Jane Hriesik
Herman and Joanne Hunt
Jack and Carolyn Iliff
David and Charla Irvin
Sara Jester
David and Robin Johnson
James Joice
Bob and Dee Jones
Maureen and John Jorden
William and Margaret Joyce
Mathew and Mrs. Mathew Judd
Jonathan and Anna Kalashnik
Tena Katsaounis
Sam and Joan Kaufman
Doris Keiser
Clyde and Angela Kerby
Peter and Debra Kerr
Penny Kessler
Jack and Linda Kidwell
Jim and Mickie King
Darrell Kirby and Rebecca Meadows
James and Hazel Kittelberger
Bob and Linda Kline
Dale and Florence Knee
Don and Sylvia Kolunie
Cookie and Dave Kommer
Ginger and Dale Koozer
William and Alice Kopper
David and Diana Kowalka
Ken and Deanna Kreiger
Cloyd and Alice Kress
Sandy and Mark Kreuz
Del and Doris Krueger
Richard and Joyce Kulka
Jeff and Shelly Kurtzman
Joseph and Marilyn Kurtzman
Jodi Kutcher
Dave and Donna Lab
David and Amy Lai
Larry and Cheryl Lantz
Dave and Carol Latchuk
Louis and Karen Lattanzio
Mary and Efrem Lauinger
Clancy and Carol Lauthers
Patrick and Marty LaVigne
Roger Laws and Maria Lyons
Larry and Arlene Layman
Aaron and Michelle Lechlak
Dolores Lectka
Larry and Brenda Lee
Robert and Janice Lewis
Rick and Christine Libby
Larry and Linda Linn
Paul Lintern
William Lippert
Roger Loewenheim
Edward and Mary Loughridge
Carol and Ken Lucas
Jean Lucht
Lee and Helen Ludwick
John and Susan Lusher
Ray and Sandi Lynch
Charlotte Mabee
Mary Lou Mackenzie
Terry and Lyle Mackey
Ed Maglott
Susan and Vincent Malaska
Tony and Karen Marallo
Bill Marsh and Eileen Wolford
Bob and Joann Marshall
Bill and Margie Martin
Richard and Jane Martin
Russell and Jane Matz
Robert and Suzanne Mayer
Peter and Susan Maynard
Philip and Elizabeth Mazzocco
Allan and Valerie McAllister
William and Loretta McBride
Kary and Anthony McBride
Nick and Jodi McChesney
Paul McClain and Helen McNamara
Larry and Kim McCorkle
Don and Cindy McCorkle
Rod and Laura McElfresh
Timothy McKee
Ralph and Sandra McKelvey
Robert and Virginia McKenna
Scott and Susan McKinley
Betty McKinney
Gerald and Carolyn McKown
John and Linda McLaughlin
Jillian McLaughlin
David and Bonnie McQuown
Carol and Gaylord Meininger
Mark and Nancy Meinzer
Jason and Darcie Meligan
Jim and Jane Meyer
LeRoy Miller
Jessica and Duane Miller
Dennis and Judy Mills
John and Virginia Mitchem
Len Montgomery
Anthony and Gertrude Morabito
Sally Morgan
Sam Morlan and Lora Avens
Mark Morris
Victoria Morris
Joel and Wendy Morrow
Esther Mott
Alan and Sharon Mottayaw
Bud and Miriam Motter
Gordon and Jackie Moxley
Ed and Denise Moyer
Jerry and Justina Murphy
Ron and Susie Muth
David and Rebecca Myers
Harold and Margaret Myers
Sylvia Neff
Jeremy and Karla Neff
Mark and Marcy Niendam
Barb and Larry Nigh
Connie Nikolaus
Charles and Juanita Nungesser
Rudy Nye
Debra Oberlander
Dick and Carol Obrecht
Joe and Donna O'Brien
Matthew and Audrey O'Brien
Arthur and Lee Ann O'Leary
Ed and Pat Olson
Megan Olson
Larry and Cynthia O'Neal
John and Jennifer Opperman
Dick and Dianne Osgood
Steve Oster
Rick and Julie Oswalt
Gregory and Deborah Owens
Clark and Dana Page
Thomas Pakes
Juli R. Parsons
Matthew and Nicole Pawsey
Phil and Marty Pendleton
Camilla Perrill
David and Jessie Petska
Vernon and Mary Lou Phillippe
Brian and Rebecca Phillips
Bradley and Rhonda Pidgeon
James and Deborah Pigman
Ronald and Khushwant Pittenger
Tom and Pat Plack
Amanda and Justin Plemens
Jennifer Plummer
Ken and Elaine Price
Loren and April Puckett
Mike and Shirley Racer
Paul and Jennifer Racer
Sharon and Barbara Radabaugh
Frank and Charlotte Radler
Dean and Kim Ransdell
Scott and Bernadette Redman
Jim and Janice Reed
Mark and Pam Reed
Bob and Shirlene Reed
Diane Reihing
Linda and Mark Reisdorf
Susan Rensch
Ronald and Marge Ridenour
William and Ann Rittman
David and Deborah Roberts
Richard and Maxine Robinson
Paul and Lana Robinson
Robert and Jayne Roblin
Jerry and Melanie Rodgers
Sheila and Brad Roseborough
Margo and Richard Rowen
Mindy and David Rowlands
Albert Ruhe
Adam and Amanda Rule
Ken and Diana Rupert
Carl and Sandy Ruth
Terry and Tina Rutherford
Bob Salmen and Ron Guisinger
Carolyn Sand
Eric Sarno
Mike and Marilyn Sauer
Bill and Sue Schamadan
Kyle and Hattie Schenk
Jane Schlacter
William and Mary Ellen Schulz
Eric and Erin Schulz
Douglas and Jackie Schuster
John and Pam Schutte
William and Mary Schwartz
Jeffrey and Mrs. Schwein
Dan and Diana Scott
Rex and Debbie Scott
Jeremy and Amy Secrist
Andrea and Dan Sensel
Florence Sethi
Susan and Joseph Shadeed
Coleen Shambre
Martha and Leroy Shample
Jerry and Laura Shaum
Charles and Beth Sherer
John and Mary Jo Shrimplin
Megan and Chad Shumate
Ivan and Connie Shumate
George and Mary Siciliano
Bill and Debbie Sickmiller
Joel and Betty Siegfried
Bruce and Julie Sliney
Helen Smalley
David and Patricia Smith
Amy and Brian Smith
Marcus and Patrice Smith
Jan Smith
Rebecca Smith
Rocky and Charlotte Snelling
Ann and James Snepp
Terry and Janet Snyder
Frederick and Marlene Snyder
Katie and Adam Spellman
Jon and Goldie Spencer
Viswanathan Srividya
Dave and Sherry Stake
Ron and Carol Stake
Darrell and Brenda Starr-Jude
Janet and Alan Steiner
Roger and Mary Steude
Rick and Janet Stewart
Herbert Stiffler
Arlington and Elizabeth Stilwell
Robert and Themla Stockwell
Gene and Sharon Stoner
Joe and Mary Streib
Bradley and Margaret Strong
Gary and Judith Stroup
Brian and Kristin Stull
Tim and Breah Stump
Jim and Shari Stump
Frank and Barbara Stursa
Keith and Karen Sturtz
Sandra Sutherland
Rosemary Sutter
Michael Swarn
Craig and Stacy Swesey
John and Polly Swesey
Cassandra and Victor Swisher
Merrill and Sally Tawse
Robert and Carole Taylor
Marilyn Taylor
Jennifer and Josh Taylor
Susan and Kenneth Terry
Tom and Sandy Thorburn
James and Christine Todd
William Tucker
Steph Uhde
Vladimir and Holly Vaglenov
Curtis and Carolyn VanDine
Terry Vaught
Jack Vetter and Debra Ramsey
Yvonne and Anthony Viscioni
Corey and Jennifer Volz
Larry and Jean Von Blon
Gene and Colleen Waddell
Maureen Walsh
Richard and Joyce Walters
Danielle and Nathaniel Walton
Kristine Warne
Carol and Morris Wasylenki
Jim and Becky Watson
Chelsea and Matt Watts
Leroy and Donna Weaver
Peter and Linda Webel
Charlie and Susie Weber
Thomas and Nancy Weidemeyer
Cassandra Weiss
Peg Welch
Janet Wells
Sharon Wesselman and Chris May
Perry and Meghan Wheeler
Tim and Pauline Whisler
Kayla and Logan White
Dave and Kim Whitford
Loretta Whiting
Richard and Toni Whitney
Jeff Wilkinson and Lynn Brinley
Kelly and Jim Williams
Cliff and Anne Williams
Victoria and James Willis
Anita and Jerry Wilson
Larry and Teresa Wiltsie
Richard and Mrs. Wink
Scott and Sherry Wise
Tod and Claudia Wise
Jim and Pat Wisenbarger
Janet Wisner
Mark Wisniewski
Dianna and Henry Wooley
Teresa and Robert Wortman
John and Janelle Wyant
Lloyd and Norma Wygant
Tyeler and Tina Yarger
John Yatko and Cristine Sutter
Jon and Kristin Young
Victoria Zack
Larry and Suzanne Zimmerman
Terry and Linda Zuercher

Ann Akers
Marie Allen
Kathleen Allman
Mary Amick
Dina Anderson
Louise Anderson
Chris Andrews
Marcia Applegate
Theresa Arnett
Nancy Arnold
Margie Arnold
Shirley Arter
Joan Ashley
Carol L. Au
Carol Au
MaryAnn Backman
Therese Backowski
David Bailey
Juanita Baker
Judy Baldner
Bobbie Ballenger
Cory Bandy
Patricia Barber
Marcia Barcroft
Althea Bardeen
H. Barker
Betty Barnett
Sharon Barre
Abbey Beaver
Martha Bell
Richard Berry
Carol Bertholf
Bari Bett
Arlene Bighouse
Jane Bilek
Jennifer Bishop
Judy Blubaugh
Dot Blum
Jeff Boals
Irene Boebel
Roderick Bogner
Sharon Bolin
Shirley Boling
Diane Bonar
Lisa Bostick-McClain
Charlotte Bottomley
Deborah Bowsher
Joanne Brickman
Lilly Briggs
Claudia Bright
Marilou Brook
Charlotte Brown
Lindsay Brown
Linda Brown
Jane Buehrer
Lois Bumpus
Betty Burkholder
Shelley Bylica
Deborah Callihan
Cheryl Callis
Dan Camille
Marjorie Carnahan
Mary Carpenter
Carissa Chester
Mary Ann Clady
Marlynn Clements
William Clifton
Melissa Cline
Margaret Cline
David Clingan
Janet Constance
Sandra Cotsamire
Eva Counnas
Rose Ann Courtney
Sandra Courtright
Janet Cramer
Carol Cramer-Burke
Sophie Crittenden
Jim Crossman
Jean Culler
Mary Damron
Suzanne Daniel
Frank Daniell
Irene Darrow
John and Phyllis Davis
Nancy Davis
Pam Davis
Gayle Davis
Sarah Davis
Phyllis Davis
Sarah Davis
Jennifer Dewald
Barbara Diederich
Marilyn Dinges
Tammy Dollish
Sue Donahue
JoAnne Dressler
Ruth Duff
Barbara Durchik
Penny Echelberger
Richard Elliott
Pamela Ellis
Marilyn Estep
Lydia Ewalt
Daniel Eyerly
Laura Fannin
Beth Feldmeier
Jennifer Fenton
Sheila Finnerty
Karen First
Marc Fisher
Janice Fisher
Marjorie Fissell
Fred Foltz
Sandra Formica
Susan Foster
Edward L. Fox
William Fox
Rebecca Frampton
Diana Freer
Glenda Friebel
Jennifer Fries
Dorothy Furr
Kim Gabriel
Nancy Gallion
Michael Garber
Cheri Gaul
Mary Geissler
Katherine Geralds
Elsa Giess
Heather Gilbert
Irene Gilbert
Carol Goettl
Sandra Gonshirski
Joetta Goodman
Barbara Gopp
Frieda Gottschling
Laurie Grady
Jo Ann Graham
Kathleen Groff
Kelly Gross
Leigh Grubbs
Barbara Haefeli
Russ Haft
A. Haley
Mary Lou Halter
Joan Hamilton
Aretta Hamilton
Judy Hardesty
Magdalena Harding
Lawrence Harper
Phyllis Harrington
Karen Harris
Marjorie Harter
Anne Hartman
Kay Hartz
Barbara Headings
Barbara Hecker
Ronald Hedges
Malinda Heineking
Barbara Hershberger
Charleen Heuss
Bonnie Hickman
Malissa Higgenbothem
Joanna Hilliard
Patsy Himes
Joanna Hipsher
Marilyn Hixson
Sona Hodge
Dave Horning
Janet Hostetler
April Huber
Sherry Huff
Larry Hull
Kathy Hursh
Joyce Ingram
Nancy Jarrett
Kay Jenney
Karen Jennings
Donna Jobes
Barbara Jones
John Jones
Ellen Jones
Lee Jones
Elinor Jordan
Delores Kalb
Ilmars Kalnins
Ann S. Kania
Dottie Kasper
Theresa Keiper
Jan Kennedy
Joy Keoppel
Hailey Kinnamon
Ardra Klaehn
Sara Knackstedt
Peggy Knox
Lois and George Koff
Sally Jo Kopco
Betty Korol
Martha Kozik
Charlene Kreim
Linda Lair
Hilda Lamp
Joan Laughbaum
Mary Kay Leedy
Diane Leicy
Julie Leonard
Eileen Levison
Jen Lewis
Pamela Lewis
Carolyn Ley
Sharon Ling
Brenda Locke
Ruth Logan
Joyce Long
Frank Loris
Marilyn Lowe
Elaine Lybarger
Susan Lybarger
Rebecca Lyons
Susan Madura
Lynne Malone
Barbara Mangan
Heather Mann
M. Marion
Frank Markley
Vicki Martin
Travis McClain
Michael McClure
Kathy McCown
Bonita McDaid
Hollie McFadden
Pat McGinty
Christine McKenna
Becky McKinnell
Jackie McKinney
Denise McLaughlin
Chris McQuillen
Lauranne McWherter
Darlene Meehan
Jane Meese
Kim Messersmith
Terry Metcalf
Robert Michels
Shera Miller
Janie Miller
Pat Miller
Martha Miller
Cindy Miller
Karen Minich
Mary Lee Minor
Iris Mintz
Nancy Mintz
Martha Montague
Harriet Moore
Lorraine Moore
Vickie Moran
Lois Moss
Joanne Mudra
John Myers
Myra Myers
Janny Nauman
Wanda Newcomb
Laurel Newman
Larry Norris
Charles Oberlin
Sharon Ores
Kevin Oswalt
Mickey Ouellette
Sue Owens
Teresa Owens
Donna Palmer
Linda Papajcik
Connie Pastor
Barbara Patrick
Bill Phegley
Martha Phelan
Jincy Phillips
Leroy Pitman
Sue Plotts
Mary Ann Pollock
Lana Potter
Margaret Preble
Gary Prinz
Maureen Prinz
Kathy Proper
Bernice Pugh
Joan Rader
Jane Ralph
Carol Ramsey
Geri Rea
Rita Reece
Diann Reed
William Reese
Amy Rehbein
Gloria Reichert
Kathy Reining
Louise W. Rennecker
Landree Rennpage
Phyllis Rhodes
Christine Riedel
Karen Rieman
Christine Rigda
Helen Rigda
Joyce Rigel
Paul Rindfleisch
Beau Roberts
Lois Robertson
Elaine Root
Sherry Rowlands
Deb Sallee
Barbara Sanders
Heidi Sanderson
Melissa Saprano
Mark Schanzenbach
Karen Scherner
Ruth Schindler
Adaline Schlegel
Jean Schmid
Barbara Schneider
Eileen Schraedly
Carole Schreck
Sharon Schroeder
Vicki Schwab
Wendy Schwall
Barbara Schwartz
Karen Scott
Margie Sebrell
Amanda Seifley
Carolyn Senn
Beverly Shaffer
Linda Shank
Mary Shark
Virginia Sharp
Mary Ann Sharrer
Sandra Shaum
Colette Shaw
Larry Sheldon
Barbara Shepard
Carol Sheppard
Sharon Shook
Lorraine Shrilla
Francis Shuler
Theresa Siebold
Susan Sivey
Katelyn Slayton
Bonnie Slone
Lana Sluss
Karen Smith
Loretta Smyth
Patricia Snook
Rosemary Sowash
Ruth Spayde
Peggy Spellman
Linda Spicer
Mary Spon
Olivia St. Claire
Joyce Stander
Jeff Steele
Amy Stegall
Jan Stein
Susan Stevens
Patricia Steward
Lisa Stewart
Ellen Stiffler
Ivy Stitak
Mebane Stolfi
Doloris Stolle
Sandra Stricker
Dorothy Strickler
Patricia Strickler
Marie Strohminger
Donna Sturts
Erin Sturts-Ray
Linda Stutz
Charles Swack
Yanling Tang
Hudson Thayer
Dorothy Thomas
Margaret Thompson
Ann Timmerman
Barbara Traven
Patty Traxler
Bonnie Trease
Roger Troutman
Anthony Troyer
Allie Trumpower
Robert Turner
Carla Uhde
Louise Ulmer
Jill Van Dyne
Susan Vander Maas
Laci and Chad Vanderpool
Erin VanLammers
Kay Vega
Nancy Voelp
Margaret Volz
Judy Vorthman
Karen Wagner
Rebecca Walker
Mary Wallington
Rita Walsh
Michele Wargo
Jone Watson
Laurie Weaver
Michael Weaver
Brian Weaver
Lowell Weeks
Cathy Weiss
William Wells
Cindy Wendling
Sheila White
Lou Whitmire
Cathy Wiehe
Pamela Wilging
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