Wintertime in the Greenhouse

By Holly VanKeuren

As wintertime surrounds us, it is a wonderful time of year to be in the greenhouse.  Entering this world on a frozen, snowy day brings relief, if only briefly, from the tundra that chills us outside.  A deep breath within the welcoming doors brings the smell of humidity, soil, and the delicate perfumes of the plant life held here, safe under a layer of glass from the arctic blast outside.  This is the time of year for reflection upon the world outside, from the safe comfort of our inside worlds.  At this time of year I can look upon my wins or fails of my garden, and begin to dream again about the new life that will come with the spring.  Here in the greenhouse we are busy with the cultivation of this new life.  Here is where tiny seedlings are coaxed and fussed over, where new life is bursting forth one tiny leaf at a time.


Plants seem to help so much during the dark days of winter, I really enjoy my own collection of houseplants.  They bring so much life into the house when I cannot be outside, taking time in my own garden.  I watch my garden slumber outside from the comfort of my warm surroundings, and look forward to the fresh, new spring that is sure to return again.  I also enjoy the tradition of bringing in fresh evergreens during this season, to bring some green life into the home.  This is a great time of year to curl up by the woodstove with a seed catalog and dream of all of the garden options available at your fingertips.  They could so easily be yours, with free shipping!  Here in the greenhouses of Kingwood many amazing lives will soon be starting, with the hope to fill the landscape with color, beauty and scent.  With the hope for some visiting butterfly or bee to find them in your own garden.  So if wintertime seems a little gray, maybe make your way to your local greenhouse to see what’s growing.  If you can take the time to step into this humid, cozy world, you may find that spark of life you have been looking for.

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