Volunteering at Kingwood

By MacKenzie Cole

Though the snow-covered landscape surrounding us tries to deny it, Spring is coming. With its arrival, Kingwood will begin another exciting season filled with beautiful gardens, informative workshops, and exciting events. With so many activities to plan and so many plants to care for, you may wonder how Kingwood manages to keep it all together and maintain its serene, yet ever changing, atmosphere.  The answer? One big group of some seriously dedicated volunteers!

This group of volunteers prepares the trial beds for a beautiful annual display

This group of volunteers prepares the trial beds for a beautiful annual display

Kingwood boasts a crew of over 100 active volunteers who participate in almost every project on the grounds and in the house. On average, our volunteers put in an amazing 10,000 hours of service per year! 2018 promises another fun-packed schedule, and with it a growing need to increase our volunteer base. And there are so many benefits of volunteering for Kingwood Center Gardens: Be a part of a wonderful community, connect with others who have similar interests, get free admission to the grounds at any time, and receive special discounts on workshops and merchandise, all while staying healthy and active.


Below are just some of our most popular volunteer positions:

  • Garden assistant
  • Flower arranger
  • Host(ess)
  • Tour guide (for children and/or adults)
  • Wedding liaison
  • Office assistant
  • Special event volunteer
A hostess in Kingwood Hall

A hostess in Kingwood Hall

So how do you become an even bigger part of the Kingwood community and join this amazing volunteer crew? Simply call me, the volunteer coordinator, MacKenzie Cole, at 419-522-0211 ext. 110 or email at mcole@kingwoodcenter.org to find out more information. You can also visit our website and go to the join/support tab. From there, you can fill out a volunteer application online. With such a dynamic volunteer program, there is sure to be something for you!

A volunteer at The Great Pumpkin Glow

A volunteer at The Great Pumpkin Glow

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