Over Wintering

By Laura Mast

This is the time of year when the temperature starts to drop, and plants begin to go dormant for the winter. There are numerous plants that you can bring in for the winter to keep from dying.  At Kingwood, we start bringing in plants from the gardens that we will use in our designs for the next year’s garden displays. One of the plants that we bring in to save is Pennisetum (ornamental grass).


We need the plants to be a reasonable size so that we can work with them and store them indoors, as you can see from the first picture they can grow rather large.

  1. We decide how many we will need for the next season.
  2. We go into the garden and dig out the large clumps and bring them into the greenhouse.
  3. The plants are then cut down to size, so they will fit into smaller pots that we will be storing them in, you can see the smaller divided plants in picture #2.
  4. The plants that are brought in from the gardens will be placed in the greenhouse and grown out for the next season.
  5. Bringing the plants in from our gardens for next season helps reduces costs.
  6. Pennisetum is just one of the many plants we bring in. There around 15 different types of plants that we go into the garden and dig out to over winter in the greenhouse.


Fall is a very busy time at Kingwood, not only are we bring plants in to overwinter, but the gardens are being prepared for planting bulbs that will bloom in the spring.

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