Life as a Kingwood Intern

My name is Holly VanKeuren and I have been fortunate enough to have been selected as the intern in Kingwood Center Garden’s greenhouses.  I am a part-time, non-traditional student at the Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute and am working on completing a degree in Greenhouse and Nursery Management.  Part of this program requires me to complete an internship and I have really been enjoying my time here at Kingwood Center Gardens.

Kingwood currently has three interns!

Kingwood currently has three interns:  Holly in the Greenhouse, Lucas as Social Media Coordinator, and Maci as the Education Coordinator!

As an intern, I have been exposed to the many different tasks that are part of a busy spring plant production period in their greenhouses.  These include hours of seeding, transplanting small plants to larger pots, planting bare-root material for growing on, and much more.  My background includes over 10 years of experience in the Floral Design Industry, with lots of time spent in retail sales.  This has been great because I am easily able to bring my talents into my work here, and I am able to help set up displays and work with our customers.

Working as an intern during the spring production period has allowed me to see into all that goes on during the busiest time of year in Kingwood’s greenhouses.  They produce thousands of annuals and perennials for the gardens and for retail sales.  Working in the retail sales area has shown me what plants are really ‘hot’ this year, and to see what trends are popular with our customers.  Since this is a public garden, and a horticultural destination, the greenhouse works to provide more unique and unusual plants for people to see and purchase.  This allows Kingwood Center Gardens to stand out from other more traditional garden centers and box stores.

It has truly been a joy to be an intern here working with Doug Schuster, Laura Mast, and all the other wonderful staff and volunteers.  I am grateful for my time here in this beautiful and amazing atmosphere, and I feel this place is a must-see destination for people of all ages and walks of life.

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