Hypertufa Workshop

By Laura Mast

The Definition of hypertufa according to Wikipedia- A manufactured substitute for natural tufa, which is a slowly precipitated limestone rock being very porous, it is favorable for plant growth.


Hypertufa comes in many different forms. Some of the ways we use hypertufa is in pots for planting flowers, to making a casting of a large leaf or any other shape you would want to see in the garden. Another way we can use hypertufa is in stepping stones. Stepping stones are a great addition to any garden.  They can be used as place to step and move through your garden safely. Stepping stones can also be used to place pots on through your garden, they can also be used to place glow balls, so you can take a night walk through your garden. When making your hypertufa you can let your imagination fly – these are a great project for creativity.

Hypertufa is a workshop we do at Kingwood Center Gardens. The workshop will explain what ingredients to use and how to mix it. We will have the workshop on August 4th at 10 am.  At that time we will be making stepping stones for our hypertufa project. If you are interested in signing up for the hypertufa workshop please go to our website to see the details and how much it will cost. Hope to see you there.

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