Bulb Planting

By Michael Albert

Fall and spring are times of the year to plant bulbs, which season depends on the species and bloom time. Tulips are a fall planted bulb that blooms in spring. Tulips are perennial bulb, but many gardens use them like an annual. Tulips should be planted around the time frost first hits the ground or a little before that time.

Bulbs can vary in size and the planting depth is important when planting any bulb. You should research the correct planting depth but a good rule of thumb for most bulbs is to plant it twice the size of the bulb deep, so the bulb has enough energy to push the leaf out of the ground but still have enough protection from the frost. Tulips do best in well-drained soil loose airy soil that isn’t compacted with sand or small gravel, but some organic matter to it is best. 

If you don’t have the luxury of well-drained soil, tilling or breaking up the soil before planting is beneficial. Spacing is also important for bulbs. Bulbs spaced to close together leads to less energy for all the plants and a worse display then normal. Research the correct spacing on any bulb before planting. Most bulbs require little water until they are in leaf and bloom. If the plant isn’t using the water usually the plant does not like to be wet. Hope to see you at the gardens for our spring display. Thanks for reading.

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