Biological Control

By Laura Mast

Biological Control is not a new method of pest control. You’re probably wondering what biological control is…

It is the method of using beneficial bugs to control the pests you don’t want in the gardens or greenhouses. More and more people are becoming interested in biological control. One of the reason biologicals are used, is because they are predatory bugs. They are always on the hunt for the pests that damage our favorite plants.

There is a wide variety of beneficial bugs and each one has a certain pest they are always on the hunt for and they can get down in the very smallest parts of the plants where we can’t always see or even treat  with other ways. As long as you have something for them to eat they will stay and help you get rid of the pest problems. 

There are a couple of different ways of getting beneficial bugs for biological control. One of the ways a greenhouse complex would get beneficial bugs, is buying them from a company that specializes in producing these bugs. That’s right there are companies out there that produce these types of bugs. Another more natural way of acquiring these bugs, is they just move in. Sometimes they will just begin taking care of pest problems on their own.  

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