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Beneficial Insects

By Carly Hatfield

We all seem to appreciate the work of the honeybee, who pollinates over one hundred crops useful to humans. The butterfly and the hummingbird are loved for all their glamour and whimsy, even the moth receives appreciation for her nocturnal duties. Yet humankind seems to forget about the less adorable, so-called pests that make our world go around; where ere is their applause? Continue reading

Poisonous Plants

By Karen Fraizer

A poisonous plant is by definition, “a plant that when touched or ingested in sufficient quantity can be harmful or fatal to an organism”.

People sometimes think if they do not directly ingest a piece of a plant (such as leaves or seeds), that they are probably safe from being poisoned. Or, maybe you think that if you see an animal consume the plant, it is probably okay for you to eat. Both of those statements are false and could get you into a sticky situation! Some plants are poisonous just by touching them. Some may be alright for the birds… but are definitely not okay for us. 

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Deadheading & Cutting Back in the Late Summer Garden

By Ellen Azotea

It’s the end of August, and we have been slogging through the dog days of summer this month. The heat and humidity have done a number on our gardens and container plantings, and it’s time to start tidying things up in preparation for autumn.  There is still color in the garden, so this is where deadheading and cutting back come into play. 

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By Mark Hoover

The Kingwood Center Gardens Horticulture Team was fortunate to be able to visit Chanticleer in early August as part of a very quick trip to America’s garden capitol. One could spend many days in the Philadelphia area, enjoying various gardens. We chose Chanticleer for its strong reputation of being one of the best gardens in the country. It also has some similarities to Kingwood, in that it is of similar size.

Chanticleer'19 (37)

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