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Moving & Planting Trees

By Shawn McClain

Spring planting gives the trees all summer to grow and get ready for winter. Developing leaves to make food for the plant and new roots. Both of these growth processes require sugar reserves that are stored in the roots and stems. Trying to grow both leaves and stems at the same time is taxing for the plant and can cause the processes to suffer. A limited root system, can also create problems getting enough water causing the newly planted tree to drop some or all their leaves after planting. They are unable to actively absorb enough water, requiring routine watering to compensate during dry periods.


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Garden Sculpture at Kingwood

By Chuck Gleaves

By my count Mr. King had eleven garden sculptures on his estate, twelve if you include the bronze “Duck Baby” fountain by Edith Parsons in the foyer of the house. We don’t know where they all came from, but we are privilege to some background information about the two pieces Mr. King commissioned with sculptor Anton Vozech. Years ago, a volunteer interviewed the models giving some unique insight into the creative process, but what I thought was most amusing was how intent each model was on distancing themselves from the impression that they modeled in the nude.

"Lady Of Gaillarida" one of two original pieces sculpted by Anton Vozech for Mr. King.

“Lady Of Gaillarida” one of two original pieces sculpted by Anton Vozech for Mr. King.

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The Importance of Fall Clean-up

By Mona Kneuss

Fall maintenance is one ways to keep your plants healthy so lets get started.
By now most of your plants are looking tired and ready to be put to bed for the winter. All of the annuals in your pots will need to be emptied and the pots emptied of their soil so they don’t freeze and brake. The soil can be stored in a plastic container with a lid of some kind to be used next year.

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