Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield, Ohio is looking to fill the position of Executive Director. This person would be the fifth Director since our founding in 1953. We offer financial stability from a substantial trust fund and generous growth potential in earned income through the recently completed 10-million-dollar capital improvement project. The 2021 budget is about 2.2 million dollars. We have largely escaped the economic distress suffered by many museums from the current pandemic. We have a wonderful garden, wide public support, an impressive array of new and historic facilities, and talented staff. The Garden’s Board consists of five fully engaged community leaders. We reside on about 62 acres in town which include Charles Kelley King’s Mansion and 47-acre former Country Place Era estate.

Job Title: Executive Director

Reports to: Administrative Board of Directors

Job Purpose:

Lead and administer Kingwood Center Gardens with the consent and advice of the Administrative Board, and the support of the staff and volunteers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Advise the Administrative Board on the needs and activities of Kingwood. Make recommendations for policies that will lead to best outcomes for Kingwood. Execute the policies adopted by the Board.
  • Prepare, present for approval, and administer the approved annual budget. Directly supervise the financial operations of Kingwood.
  • Assemble, organize, coordinate, supervise and inspire a staff of employees to operate Kingwood Center Gardens.
  • Be the primary keeper of the vision and mission of Kingwood Center Gardens as approved by the Administrative Board.
  • Represent Kingwood in a range of public outlets that will enhance the recognition, appreciation, and advancement of Kingwood Center Gardens. Participate in community activities and develop relationships with community stakeholders as the chief representative of Kingwood Center Gardens.
  • Cultivate a network of professional acquaintances, locally and beyond, of people who have information, influence, talent, or resources that can be utilized to advance Kingwood Center Gardens.
  • Participate in key professional organizations that will facilitate professional development, best practices, and positive exposure for Kingwood Center Gardens.
  • Provide specialized expertise and skills that will enable the effective administration of the organization and that will complement the mix of special skills and knowledge held by the staff.


  • As amenity gardens and gardening are the core features and activities of Kingwood Center Gardens, the Executive Director should, at the very least, have the ability to assemble exemplary gardening talent who can create exemplary gardens. The Executive Director should have professional training in a closely related field such as Horticulture, Botany or Landscape Architecture, or have abundant experience that provides a profound insight into the role, function and operation of public gardens. The Director should also understand that the garden is the primary function of this organization and that all other activities relate back to the garden in one form or another.
  •  The Executive Director must have sufficient business and financial skills to assume leadership in planning, monitoring, earning, and spending the financial resources of Kingwood to most effectively achieve the mission of the institution.
  •  Historic preservation is playing an increasing role in the offerings of Kingwood. In order to preserve our historic fabric and effectively grow this aspect of the organization, historic preservation skills will be highly valued.
  •  The Executive Director should have the character and skills to lead a professional and motivated staff by facilitating their continued success at developing their professionalism and achieving Kingwood’s mission.

Direct Reports:

The Executive Director works primarily through a group of senior managers who include the Director of Development and Marketing, the Director of Horticulture, the Visitor Services Director, and the Director of Maintenance. The Human Resources and Office Manager also reports to the Executive Director. The Executive Director should be familiar with all of the Kingwood staff.

Applications should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.