Self-Defense: 5-part series

Train with a Black Belt to learn to protect yourself from danger.  Techniques will include Karate Do, Arnis, Kali & Silat with Judo and Hapkido throws and takedowns.  This is a fun class to earn belt ranks and get fit!

Instructor Ted Weaver (also a Kingwood Staff member) has a Blackbelt in Shotokan and Tae-kwon Do, and has trained in Arnis, and Silat & Kali.  He teaches in many local venues including the Ashland Salvation Army at the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps. Community Center.

Only 12 students per class for lots of individual instruction.

When: Tuesday's, May 1-29


  • Youth (ages 7+): 6-7:30pm
  • Adult (13+): 7:30-9pm

Fees for the 5-part series:

  • Non-members: $50
  • Members: $25

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Or, call 419.522.0211