Kingwood Center Gardens proudly offers all schools and home-school programs free self-guided tours of the grounds and mansion*.  


Have a Field Trip!

With your Field Trip reservation, for all 1st through 4th grade classes, you will receive a free guided tour through the gardens and Kingwood Hall with one of our trained docents.  In this tour, you will learn about what it takes to create beautiful gardens, look through magnifying glasses at garden bugs and flowers, take some time to feed the ducks, and have a mini-greenhouse workshop by one of our professional horticulturists.  This hands-on class is designed to educate your students in how to grow their own food and plants using a mini-greenhouse.  Each child will leave with their own mini-greenhouse to follow the progress of their planting in the classroom or at home.

To make your reservation call MacKenzie Cole, at 419.522.0211, ext 110 or fill out the form below.

We do require a two-week notice for the Field Trip.

* Please still call our offices at 419.522.0211 to inform us you are coming for self-guided.  Note: Kingwood Hall is only open certain months.  

Many thanks to

who donated all of the lids for our greenhouses!