Kingwood Center Gardens is proud to announce its APP and eBeacon experience!


Once you download the App, you won't just get instant information about Kingwood anytime and anywhere, you will also get an intimate and educational experience through eBeacons. 

The App, while open on the estate, will connect to 12 eBeacons which have content, written by our horticultural staff, that will enlighten you on the particular area you are in.  Some content will be historical, some will be horticultural, and some will be just plain fun.

You will also get rewards to use at Kingwood!  There is a reward just for downloading the App, a birthday reward, and a reward for a product in the Garden Shop.

Content will always be changing, so it is best to check back and check-in often!

Getting started is easy!  Just follow the steps below.


1. Enable Wifi:  If you will be downloading on the grounds of Kingwood, go to your Wifi settings.  Select "Kingwood Center" and accept the terms.  If you are off-site, use the Wifi that you normally have for your phone in that location.

2. Download in your App store:  Whether an iPhone or Android, go to your App store.


Search for "Kingwood Center Gardens".  You will recognize us by the icon .  Download the FREE App.  It takes about 1-2 minutes for the complete download at Kingwood Center Gardens.

3. Register the App:  Complete the registration form.  Add your birthday if you would like to receive birthday rewards.

4. Enable your Bluetooth:  You may be prompted to do this; however, if not, go to Settings on your phone and navigate to Bluetooth.  You will see this symbol at the top of your phone when the Bluetooth is active.  You will ONLY need the Bluetooth on when you are on the grounds to experience the eBeacons.

5. Look for the "B"s:  We have identified the eBeacons with a sign that simply shows the letter B.  As you explore Kingwood, keep your eye out for the Bs.  Make sure your App is OPEN, and the content from the eBeacon will automatically pop up on your phone.


Tips and Tricks to make your experience flawless!

  • Make sure the App is OPEN and your Bluetooth ON in order to connect with the eBeacons.
  • If content is not popping up on your screen, go to Settings within the App (located in the bottom right).  Open Settings.  If it does not read "Beacon Support Enabled" and have a checkmark next to Notifications, your phone will unfortunately NOT connect to the eBeacons.
  • If you see something in the gardens and you want even more information from the Kingwood staff about it, TAKE A PICTURE.  Then, navigate to the "Say Hi" tile.  Enter your question and attach the photo.  Our staff will usually respond within 72 hours.  You can also just upload a fun picture, or ask a question/make a comment without a picture.  We love to hear from you, so please ask away!
  • To know what Kingwood finds as particularly interesting, navigate to "What not to miss" on your App tiles. 

For any other issues or questions, contact a Kingwood Staff member.  We will be happy to help!