Kingwood Center Gardens is a historic estate and botanical garden which is a source of serenity for many visitors.  Please help preserve every visitor's experience by observing the following:


  • For their safety, children must be supervised at all times.
  • No PETS allowed. Service animals allowed with correct documentation.
  • Stay on the pathways and mowed lawn areas.  Do not walk in the flower beds or mulched areas and please no carving on trees.
  • Leave flowers, plant material, plant labels and all garden property as you found them.  Do not collect, remove, or eat plant material.
  • For your safety, please refrain from playing in, standing on, and throwing rocks into the water features.
  • Please no climbing on our brick structures, in the trees, or on any sculptures / art in the gardens.
  • Refrain from handling any birds for their health and safety.  Please use the food provided by the pond to feed the birds.
  • Visitors enjoy the sounds of nature - do not play musical instruments or recorded music without headphones.
  • No kites, balloons, piñatas, skateboards, or other sporting games are permitted on grounds or inside buildings.
  • Bicycles allowed only on paved asphalt roadways.
  • Grills, fire pits, and open flames including campfires are not permitted
  • Shirt and shoes are required to be worn while visiting Kingwood please.


  • General photography is welcomed at no additional cost (regular admission fees apply). This includes photographs of plants and buildings, maternity, family, prom, and school related  portraits. Please note that certain venues may be closed off due to rentals.
  • Professional photography would include wedding, engagement, styled photo shoots, and drone photography. Contract, fee, and a two-week notice are required in order to guarantee an exclusive experience. Please call 419-522-0211 ext. 106 to make your reservation.


  • Please visit the Kingwood website to plan your gathering, meeting, wedding, golf cart tour, or memorial. Such events are subject to fees and availability of space.
  • Group visits must register two weeks in advance by calling our group sales office.
  • Free admission is available for school-based groups (including colleges and universities). Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advanced by calling group sales at 419-522-0211 ext. 110.

Thank you for making Kingwood Center Gardens a safe and enjoyable place for all!