This 27 member club formed in 1928 (the oldest garden club in Mansfield) is a very active and fun group who enjoys giving back to the community,
and is always open to new members.


Pres:  Bobbie Ballenger
VP:  Connie Pastor

Second VP:  Bev Coleman

Sec:  Carol Bertholf
Treas:  Judy Jaques



Activities / Meeting Topics / Field Trips / Fund Raisers / Events

  • Decorate Kingwood at Christmas
  • Plant & maintain flower beds in Central Park on the Square
  • Assist with Pumpkin Glow at Kingwood Center
  • Donate funds to Kingwood yearly
  • End-of-year donation to Tichland County "Worthy" cause
  • Pennies for Pines

Contact Information

Bobbie at 567-241-3137 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.