Become a FBI (Froggy Bureau of Investigation) Special Agent every Wednesday during Ribbit the Exhibit


Test Your Investigative Skills

August 9 - Sept 27





 Are you looking for a little fun

    now that summer is almost done?

Look no further than CK King’s place,

    for 18 strangers are coming to put a smile on your face!


Every Wednesday, a new mission begins

   with a treasure you will surely want to win.

There will be clues to help you find your way

   and at the end, a prize to make your day.

 Every Wednesday, a riddle will be your guide to finding the hidden treasure chest near one of the Ribbit the Exhibit sculptures.  Figure out the riddle, find the treasure and get a prize!

For those up for an extra challenge, do ALL 4 challenges in August and/or September and get your name in a raffle to win a HUGE prize!