Are you ready to leap into some major fun and take home prizes?

Then Froggy Field Day is for you

This FREE, FUN day will be filled with activities, crafts and competitions - and all in honor of our amphibian friends - FROGS!

This Saturday August 19th, starting at 10am!


To see what is in store, keep scrolling down.

Station 1: Welcome Station & Froggy Hats

Make a fun hat to show your solidarity for our amphibian friends!


Station 2: Oragami Jumping Frogs: 

You get to make your own oragami frogs to take home and have hop all day long.


Station 3: Froggy Flinger:

Try your luck with this fun game and win a few prizes along the way.


Station 4: Education Station:

A story will be read and you will cut out a masterpiece to go along with the story.

Station 5: Ring Toss:

Try to throw a ring around the froggy bottle to win a prize!


Station 6: Coloring Station: 

This easy station will delight kids of all ages!


Station 7: Pin the Kiss on the Frog: 

Kids will be blindfolded and spun around.  Then they will try to put the lips on the frog.

Station 8:  Learning Station: 

Learn about the life cycle of a frog and why they are so important to our ecosystem.




11am: LEAP FROG CONTEST:  The winners are the first to cross the finish line.  Our friends at Richland Bank will be the judges.

12pm:  STRAW RELAY:  We will form two teams and each has a straw.  Kids will pick up a tissue with the straw ad go to the other side of the room, then give to another player.  First team with all who sit first win.

1pm: CROAKING CONTEST:  Bring your loadest croak!  Each judge will score from 1-10.