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YES!  Kingwood is being "invaded" by some gargantuan bugs this summer!

Starting May 19th, the art of David Rogers will fill the Kingwood Estate with awe-inspiring sculptures of insects made out of all natural materials.

We will have 10 sculptures in all: a Lady Bug, a Spider and Web, an Assassin Bug, three Ants, a Damselfly, a Dragonfly, a Praying Mantis, and a Daddy Long-Legs.

At our grand-opening on May 19th from 10am-3pm, the first 200 children will get a free prize to take home.  The BUG ZOO from Ohio State University will also be exhibiting and educating with live bugs in the Carriage House.  Free treats for all!

On August 4th, we have a special BUG DAY from 11am-3pm.  Through the Richland County Foundation, Kingwood received a Summertime Kids Grant to bring this day to you!  Kids will get a passport and get stamped at every table they stop at to learn about our friends of the gardens!  We will have Insect Olympics, a Pestaraunt, Bug Races, Bug tattoos, three showings of the movie "A Bugs Life", and so much more!!!  Kids and their parents/guardians are FREE on this day.

No reservations are required for any of these events, or to come daily.  


    The artist, David Rogers, and his Praying Mantis


The three ants, which will be on the Kingwood South Lawn