Welcome to the Peacock Playhouse: The Kingwood Sensory Center



Funded by a grant from the Connections Fund of the Richland County Foundation, Kingwood proudly presents our first center dedicated to the horticultural education of children ages 2-14.


The Peacock Playhouse is located in the Gate House.  This building once was the chauffer's location for Mr. Charles Kelley King.  After Mr. King's death, the Gate House has been used for a meeting space.


At the center, children and their families can explore the sounds of nature with our chirping birds, make an inspired masterpiece at one of the art easels, see how a plant grows through our root finder, and how compost breaks down.  There are many books you can read and garden games to play.  You can even take a rest on your Kingwood journey and watch birds and hummingbirds through the large windows of the center.


Coming in June will be a sensory garden which was generously donated by Mr. Charles Swack of Lock It Up Storage.


The Playhouse is open daily from 10am-6pm. (April 1, 2019-October 31, 2019)

It is designed for self-exploration and is periodically monitored by staff throughout the day.


Starting on May 28 - July 23, EVERY Tuesday from 10:30am-11:30am, we will hold a Cultivation Education - a free curriculum-based program for children, ages 4-7. 


We hope you enjoy this new educational offering and would love to hear about suggestions for making it better each year!