Many of Kingwood's professional staff offer programs on a wide range of gardening topics.  They can all be reached at Kingwood at 419-522-0211

  • plantChuck Gleaves is the Director of Kingwood Center and has a wide range of gardening interests including photography so his programs are well illustrated.  He particularly likes to speak about his experience with developing his own gardens where he has experimented with a wide range of gardening techniques and habitats.  He is also happy to talk about Kingwood Center, garden history, best plant selections, learning the "medium" of gardening, edible landscapes, gardening with native plants, and many more potential topics.  Call him with some ideas about potential gardening topics and he will probably be able to accommodate.  See his blog at
  • Bill Collins is the Head Gardener at Kingwood Center and also manages some of the educational programs, shows, newsletter, and a wide assortment of gardening programs. Call about his long list of specific programs he offers under the following topics: Kingwood Center, landscape design, perennials, annuals, trees & shrubs, herbs, edible flowers, house plants, floral design, public & private gardens.
  • Glenna Sheaffer has been a gardener at Kingwood since 1989.  She is responsible for the perennial, woodland and herb gardens.  She has designed displays and topiaries; she gives lectures, tours and workshops, and arranges fresh and dried flowers.  Some specific titles of programs she is prepared to offer are: Garden Design (Perennial, Herb or Shade), Colonial Herbs (a power point program), Dividing Perennials, Wildflowers, Perennials A-Z.  Horticultural topics she can address include:  Arranging with Herbs, Drying Flowers for Arranging, Low Maintenance Gardening, Extending the Garden into Fall and Winter, and Getting Ready for Spring.