The 21 members of this 70 year old club (formed in 1940) meet either Thursday night or Friday morning, depending on activity and program, and member availability.


Pres: Pat McGinty
VP: Carole Taylor
Sec: Amy Crutchfield
Treas: Bev McCally




We seek to promote improved gardening through programs on horticulture, floral design and conservation education, presented by our members and outside speakers.

Meeting Topics / Field Trips / Fund Raisers / Events

Planting & Cleaning Hidden Hollow and Friendly House garden plots


National Garden Club, Inc. and Garden Clubs of Ohio, Inc.

Contact Information

Tina at 419-892-2612 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pictured are members at their Designers Challenge program

Buckeye GC Designers Challenge

Pictured are Elin Drouhard with Best of Show arrangement at Kingwoods Spring Festival and Tina Murphy's At Men's Fall Harvest Festival.

The members of Budkeye Garden Club make hypertufa projects:

Members prepare for their "Victorian Flowers" program and fashion show--presented by Marge Cutnaw.

BGC Victorian Fashion Show BGC Victorian Fashion Show