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Where are the bananas?

by Doug Schuster

The most popular question at Kingwood’s greenhouse in 2016 was “Where are the bananas?” As we continue to navigate the utilization of a 1960’s greenhouse facility in the 21st century, modifications are needed from time to time. What’s always been lacking in the greenhouse is a “people space” an area that allows for us to accommodate larger groups and even have small workshops within the greenhouse. To accomplish this, we had to move some plant material around including the banana trees. We decided to relocate the banana trees from the back of the tropical greenhouse to the front where they have a much larger space to grow, and they are thriving in that space. For the first time in my tenure, we have two stalks that have set fruit at the same time. The banana trees in their original location never met their full potential; they were in narrow ground beds with limited space to grow.

The full size banana tree

The full size banana tree

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